11 Best Travel Podcasts to Listen to During Lockdown

11 Best Travel Podcasts to Listen to During Lockdown

Examining the best travel podcasts

Every traveler has their go-to playlist that provides the soundtrack to their holiday, but it’s good to mix it up with a podcast every now and then. They’re a great way of staying entertained and you’re bound to learn something new. And there are plenty of travel podcasts to choose from.

best travel podcasts

So, the next time you’re catching some rays on the beach, doing that month-long road trip, or ya know, sitting on your couch for the next month or so like everyone else, give one of these 11 best travel podcasts a go.

1. Not So Bon Voyage

Not French. Just trés funny.

Best travel podcasts are hosted by travel experts Christine and Jules from Don’t Forget to Move, this travel podcast is all about having a laugh. They chat about when sh*t goes wrong on the road, sharing their own hilarious stories and pulling stories from the news and friends and fans.

Length: 50 mins

2. Flight of Fancy

Hosted by a travel journalist. Ooh, fancy.

Ben Groundwater releases best travel podcasts on all things travel. Doing what he does best, he interviews pros in the industry on everything from using travel to fix a broken heart, travel must-dos and dodgy border crossings.

Length: 45 mins

3. Alpaca My Bags

Great name. Even better podcast theme.

Unlike most other travel podcasts, this one from self-confessed travel enthusiast, Erin, tackles the difficult topics of ethical tourism and travel controversies. Released bi-weekly, she chats to guests about travel mishaps, how to travel sustainably and whether #FLYSHAME is something we should really be feeling.

Length: 50 mins

4. Women Who Travel

Hosted by women who know that men travel too.

Condé Nast Traveler editors Lale Arikoglu and Meredith Carey talk about women making a name for themselves in the travel industry, covering everything from food and hospitality to adventure and journalism.

Length: 40 mins

5. The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Because being thoughtful is cool.

Short and easy-listening episodes hosted by Amanda Kendle about moving abroad, meeting locals, remote travel and everything in between, as told by fellow travel lovers.

Length: 25 mins

6. Women on the Road

About women. But for men, too.

A look at life on the road from a female perspective as told by host Laura Borichevsky and other inspiring female travellers. Her travel podcast looks at things like travelling with your best friend, navigating romance (without over-romanticising it) and staying healthy – all while embracing #VanLife. Honest and refreshing.

Length: 40 mins

7. Wild Ideas Worth Living

Wild people doing wild things in the wild. Weird.

For all you adventure and outdoor lovers. Host and journalist Shelby Stranger picks the brains of world-class explorers, athletes, entrepreneurs, scientists and authors to find out how their wild ideas came about and how them made turned them into a reality. Spoiler: you will be seriously inspired.

Length: 45 mins

8. JUMP with Traveling Jackie

Jump like Jackie.

Formerly known as The Budget-Minded Traveler, Jackie’s new travel podcast is partly inspired by photos of her pulling a pose mid-air at iconic spots around the world. She looks at sustainable travel, the responsibilities of travellers, real hidden gems and answers regular FAQs from her online community.

Length: 35-60 mins

9. The Travel Diaries

Like ‘Desert Island Discs’, but travel stories.

British travel journalist Holly Rubenstein releases the travel version of ‘Desert Island Discs’ each week, where celebrities reveal the experiences that shaped them rather than songs. She covers everything from their first taste of travel and the place they first fell in love, to their all-time favourite destination. Past guests include Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Jo Malone and legendary Lonely Planet founder, Tony Wheeler.

Length: 45-60 mins

10. Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet.

One word: hilarious!

Not your average travel podcast, this one by Alex and Christine Schiefer is for when you need a good laugh. They scour the internet for the worst one-star reviews they can find on anything travel related including nightclubs in Berlin, dry cleaners in the USA and beaches in Australia (surely none of those are actually bad?!).

Length: 60 mins

11. Escape Podcast

Hosted by one of the most respected authorities in the travel industry, Simon Calder, Escape Podcast shares his tips, tricks and thoughts on all things travel. Plus, there’s a sort of travel masterclass in each episode so if you want tips on solo travelling or taking better wildlife photography, Simon’s your man.

Length: 30 mins

Happy listening, adventurous one!

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