How to Virtually Celebrate Pride 2020 from home

How to Virtually Celebrate Pride 2020 from home

Celebrate Pride 2020 from home

Due to the impact of COVID-19, many Pride events have been canceled or significantly altered for 2020. Naturally, we are devastated that our world is going to be a little less colorful this year and contain a little less Madonna. However, just because we can’t travel to Pride parades and celebrations, it doesn’t mean we can’t wave a flag for everything that Pride stands for – equality, diversity, and acceptance.

Looking to Celebrate Pride 2020 from home? Pride means something different to everyone. It is a time when people, no matter where they fall on the gender and sexuality spectrum, come to celebrate our diversity and help to increase the visibility of individuals from all parts of the LGBTQIA+ community. It is also a time when we remember those that fought for, and continue to fight, for LGBTQIA+ rights, and push for social and political change.

Each year, Pride has continued to grow across the world. This year, it will be a different kind of celebration. However, if the LGBTQIA+ community has proven anything over the years, it is strength and resilience. And that nothing will stand in the way of a good party!

Live stream Global Pride 2020

Under a banner of ‘Exist Persist Resist’, Pride organizations from across the globe will celebrate Global Pride 2020 on the 27th June. Live stream 24 hours of performances, speeches, and a whole heap of rainbow-loving content from all over the world. This is a great way to Celebrate Pride 2020 from home.

Celebrate Pride 2020 from home

New York: Attend Black Queer Town Hall

If you’re looking to Celebrate Pride 2020 from home, NYC Pride are putting on virtual events and performances all month, including this three-day virtual event with GLAAD on the 19-21st June to support and raise money for black, queer organizations, and LGBTQIA+ performers.

Group of people standing on a Pride parade float waving rainbow flags

London: Celebrate Bi Pride

Forced to cancel their September Pride event, Bi Pride UK will be live-streaming a Bi-Fi Festival on the 20th June instead. You can still Celebrate Pride 2020 from home. The event will include a heap of bi voices, discussions, and performances, plus a live DJ after-party. (Obvs).

Pride flags waving against backdrop of building

Dublin: Log on to Digital Pride

If there’s a nation that knows how to celebrate (including how to Celebrate Pride 2020 from home), it’s the Irish. Dial in for Digital Pride Dublin on the 18-28th June, plus events throughout the month including discussions on mental health, political debates, a cook-along online breakfast, and a pet parade!

Dog wearing rainbow Pride flag

Toronto: Support Stay Home Saturdays

You can Celebrate Pride 2020 from home at online Trans Rally, Dyke Rally and Virtual Pride Parade, Pride Toronto’s online festival weekend kicks off from the 26-28th June. Plus, log on every Saturday in June for Stay Home Saturdays, which showcases and supports LGBTQIA+ talent.

Berlin: Save the date for CSD

On the 25th July, the 42nd Christopher Street Day Berlin Pride is going digital. Under the slogan of ‘Don’t hide your pride’, expect a live stream of DJs, performers and political statements, Berlin-style. (aka, don’t hold back on the PVC…).

Support your local drag artist

Without being able to support themselves through their typical means during their biggest income month (June), drag and LGBTQIA+ artists need your love more than ever. Support your local performers through their online shows, follow their social media activity, or purchase a personalized video via Cameo.

Throw a living room party

Pride just wouldn’t be the same without a screaming version of ‘It’s Raining Men’, a bucket load of glitter and some baby oil. Put on this Spotify Pride Classics playlist and a full face of makeup, jump on a video call and have a living room blow out.

Group of people standing on Pride parade float with rainbow balloons

Contact your local government

Write to your local government representative and let them know that LGBTQIA+ issues matter to you. Every day people are discriminated against and unjustly treated, and taking a personal stand goes a long way to making a collective difference.

By Corey Waugh, STA Travel Marketing Exec, Melbourne.

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