Space Saver Packing Bags for Travel, No Vacuum Required 10-pack of 5 Large & 5 Jumbo Rolling Compression Packing Bags, Gain 300% More Space in your Suitcase Storage and Camping in your RV Trailer Closets by Acrodo




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You don’t need a bigger closet, basement, or suitcase. You just need to pack smarter!

Increase your space by 3x’s

We’ve all been there – desperately trying to fit the last pair of blue jeans into a completely overstuffed suitcase. Maybe you’ve tried rearranging, rolling, or even sitting on your suitcase just to get it shut. I’ve got great news for you – those days are over!

The Acrodo Space Saving Compression Bags increase your packing & storing space by 300%. They’re quick & easy to use, and they really do work. They’re the perfect companion to take the stress out of:

Packing a suitcase for a trip
Storing clothing in your closet
Packing away seasonal clothing & jackets

Save Space Everywhere!

Suitcase & Luggage

Long-term Clothing & Linens Storage

Closet Storage

Seasonal Clothing Storage

…and more!

Simple, Easy, & Painless – Here’s How it Works:









Place Clothing in Bag

Your purchase includes 5 large and 5 jumbo bags. We recommend using the large bags for jeans, shirts, pants, and sheets. We recommend using the jumbo bags for jackets, bulky sweaters, and large blankets. Helpful Tip: Be careful of zippers, tags, or other sharp items that might puncture the bag.

Seal Zipper Tightly

Use the green zipper tab to help seal the zipper tightly. If there are any gaps in the seal, the bag will not compress properly, so take your time. We recommend running the zipper tab over the bag 4-5 times to ensure a good seal. Helpful Tip: If you lose the tabs, no worries – you can use your fingers too!

Roll Out Air

Starting at the zippered end, begin rolling the bag away from you, squeezing the air out. Keep repeating until the bag is flattened and all of the air has been forced out of the bag. Helpful tip: It’s easiest to do this on a flat, hard surface. For the most effective results, use your body weight to push down on the bag as you roll.

Marvel at Accomplishment

Ta-da! You’ve done it. If you want to be completely awestruck, try over-packing your suitcase without our space saver bags first. Warning – you’ll probably be frustrated, irritated, and disorganized. Next, re-pack using our bags and enjoy 3 times more space! The sense of relief will probably make you want to buy 3 more boxes.


The Perfect Gift for the Organizer in Your Life

Trying to find the perfect Christmas gift for your friend or loved one that just seems to have everything together? They’ll love being able to organize AND save space with Acrodo Compression Bags. Imagine their joy when they have their clothing stored in neat, air-tight packages. You’ve stumbled on an organizer’s dream!


INCREASE STORAGE SPACE BY 300%. Your purchase includes 5 JUMBO (27.5 x 19.5 inches) plastic space saver bags and 5 LARGE (23 x 15.5 inches) storage bags. Perfect for condensing shirts, pants, sweaters, jackets, blankets, pillows, towels, and more! No need to struggle with your suitcase zipper or try to cram too much in your suitcase or storage containers. Our roll-up compression bags make packing easier and more efficient, adding extra space and reducing frustration.
NO VACUUM OR PUMP REQUIRED. No need to go through the hassle of using a pump or vacuum to use your compression bags. Valve-suction technology allows for tightly compressed storage and seal without the need for any other equipment. Simply place your items in the bag, zip, and roll!
AIR & WATER TIGHT. Not only will our compression bags save you space, they also protect your personal belongings from mold, mildew, dust, and bacteria. Keep your clothes fresh, clean, and dry while traveling and storing long-term, free from bugs and insects.
MOST DURABLE PLASTIC. At 70 micron plastic thickness, we offer the best available for space saving bags. Increased durability, longevity, and protection are all features you will enjoy with Acrodo Compression Bags.
GREAT FOR CAMPING TRAILERS & CLOSETS – It’s tough fitting all the items you need in tiny camper closets – especially large blankets, comforters, and clothing. Our large & jumbo bags are perfect for compressing bedding, clothing, and jackets so you can save 3 times more space. And with no vacuum needed for compressing, they’re perfect for travel!


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