VacBest Compression Bags, Travel Space Saver Bags for Clothes (12 Travel)




Price: $11.99
(as of Nov 28,2023 08:59:09 UTC – Details)

Kindly Note:
1.Don’t store items with sharp corners or ridges because these may puncture the bag.
2. Keep away from fire.
3.Don’t store food, leather in these space saver bags
4.Make sure that all items are dry before packing them into space saver bags.

【NO PUMP & VACUUM CLEANER REQUIRED】 You don’t need a vacuum or pump to use them, just roll the travel space bags starting from the zipper to squeeze the air out through the valves on the bottom side.
【LARGE STORAGE SPACE】 Enlarge your limited home and luggage space with our compression storage bags. They have powerful compression ability, which can save 70% more space for your suitcase.
【LONG-TERM STORAGE】Maximize storage age of your seasonal stuffs by using these travel bags. Come with double zippers and 3-layer turbo valve that offer complete isolation for a year effectively avoid side effects of overtime storage.
【AIR AND WATER TIGHT】Due to the double zipper design and the premium materials, our sealed bags are completely waterproof and prevent air from entering,protecting your clothing and luggage from water and moisture.


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